Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Getting messy...

Phew. Life has been so hectic that it has given me little time for my beloved crafting over the last few weeks. 

Somehow amid the chaos I did find some time to make this li'l creation. It was made from a scrap piece of paper on which I had scraped off excess acrylic paint from another project. It was only afterwards I realised I really liked the messy background and thought it would make a fab card.

Scribble 1 
  Even the stripes stamped onto my messy piece of paper were from another project. There are odd bits of glitter as well. The whole thing was just a concoction of paint, ink and glitter from other projects.

Scribble 2

I just added some die cut leaves and some roses to finish it off.

Scribble 3 

It makes such a change for me to do "messy" but I like it.

I will try to continue to craft and post on my blog regularly but it just may not be as frequently as usual until things quieten down. I hate it when life gets in the way of my crafting but I will do my best!

Thank you as ever for stopping by x


Shauna Todd said...

I love this card. The colors are great and I like the controlled chaos...it's perfect!

Jan Ltc said...

Another beautiful card. Hope you soon manage to craft again.

Have you discovered Foamiran? It's mainly used to make flowers and I have started a group to share our inspiration it's called Fabulous Foamiran

Sara Barker said...

Your card turned out wonderfully! I can't believe this was made from your clean ups from other projects! I couldn't have made that beautiful background if I tried!

Emma Trenouth said...

Gorgeous, love the unique background. Emma